Fuen (Shanghai) Equipment Leasing Co., Ltd. has greatly expanded its capabilities over the years and has solutions for downstream plants at different stages: new plants, plants in operation and shutdown or maintenance.


Whether it's a planned situation or an emergency, whether short-term or long-term, we will keep your business running.


• Catalytic cracking

• Catalyst regeneration: 24 bar 100% oil-free compressor, providing more pressure and oxygen

• Dry

• Burning

• Sandblasting

• Desulfurization

• Factory compressed air

• Pipe maintenance

• Air separation: compressed air for separating air, nitrogen and oxygen

• purification

• pressure test

• Pneumatic transport: compressed air for pneumatic transport of materials such as PVC, PTA and DMT debris

• Instrument air: clean, dry 100% oil-free air for safe operation and control valves

• Sewage treatment

• Power supply: diesel generators keep your machines running


ISO certified high quality, safe and clean air


Fuen (Shanghai) Equipment Leasing Co., Ltd. oil-free compressors are developed for applications requiring high purity air.


• This means higher product purity, more efficient processing, less waste, and greater safety:

• Air separation is less expensive and the gas is more pure. Avoid greasy dirt and gas.

• Fermentation Healthy bacteria without product contamination. Even a small amount of oil stains will kill the bacteria and contaminate the final product.

• The control system runs more smoothly, with a purer end product. Grease will cause malfunction and blockage of control valves and actuators.

• Work environment Clean, ventilated air is more beneficial to employee health.

• Aeration Higher quality processes and products. Oil stains can interfere with the aeration process and may even lead to different end products.

• Hazardous processes increase safety and security. Avoid explosions when producing oxygen.

• PET production Improve product quality and process safety. Prevents resin contamination and protects your end product when the resin is sintered.

• Pneumatic conveying Prevents defects and tube clogging, increasing safety.

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