Compressors for pipe cleaning and all other maintenance

In the pipeline construction and maintenance industry, we are mainly contacted by us to use oil-free compressors to clean and dewater pipelines through pigging. We also provide industrial rental materials for all pipeline maintenance.

For the oil and gas midstream industry, Fuen (Shanghai) Equipment Leasing Co., Ltd. has solutions to support various pipeline related operations. Through this video, we will summarize the various solutions we can provide according to the value chain of the midstream industry.

Our rental solutions include dryers, generators, matching accessories such as manifolds and hoses, and a full range of fuel services.

• Cleaning and drainage: 100% oil-free low-pressure and high-pressure air compressors for all terrains and distances

• Drying and dehumidifying equipment: 100% oil-free air compressor with low dew point (with air drying equipment)

• an examination

• Leak test

• pressure test

• Sandblasting

• Purification and packaging

• Displacement

• Sewage treatment

• Power supply: diesel generators keep your machines running

Complementary plumbing maintenance and equipment

When our engineers design a configuration that matches your specific project, we will provide complementary accessories for compressors and generators to provide you with a total solution:

• Dryer and dryer compressor combination: compact construction, dew point of -40 ° C to -70 ° C, low energy consumption (saving money), extremely low pressure drop, and improved energy efficiency

• Bus

• Hose

• Full fuel service

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FOOEN(Shanghai)Equipment Leasing Co., Ltd.

Fooen Leasing has very strict standards for the selection of equipment. The selected equipment must be adapted to various industries and working conditions to meet the basic requirements of stability,...

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