Sewage treatment

With our extensive experience in supplying equipment to the global wastewater treatment industry, we can provide oil-free compressors and generators to meet your specific needs in a wide range of applications.

• Instrument air supply

• aeration

• Mud digester inertization

• Leak test

• Sandblasting

• Low temperature cleaning

• Power supply: Diesel-driven generators to cope with power outages or power shortages

Low and medium pressure 100% oil-free air

How to ensure that your water is not polluted?

We have a wide range of oil-free air compressors. Based on screw technology, these compressors provide uncontaminated air from 0.3 bar to 15 bar.

ISO-8573-1 certified to guarantee 100% oil-free air.

Guaranteed continuity of power and processing

With Fuen (Shanghai) Equipment Leasing Co., Ltd., you can prepare for bad situations.

Facing a sudden power outage?

With a large number of generators and diesel or electric oil-free air compressors, we can keep your process going.

Reliable, continuous air supply

High-quality low- and medium-pressure air is the key to many wastewater treatment applications.

Bacteria can be dangerous when air cannot be supplied during aeration. We can provide holistic solutions for planned situations and emergencies, even in the event of a major power outage.

We are available 24 hours a day, fast response time and can provide the necessary equipment on site to fully meet your needs: compressors, generators and accessories.


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FOOEN(Shanghai)Equipment Leasing Co., Ltd.

Fooen Leasing has very strict standards for the selection of equipment. The selected equipment must be adapted to various industries and working conditions to meet the basic requirements of stability,...

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