Oil-free air compressors and generators for textile production

For highly sensitive production processes in the textile industry, we have developed oil-free air compressors.

Whether it is a planned or emergency power outage, leasing can provide a flexible and cost-effective solution to ensure your production continues.

Our air compressors produce 100% clean air that is ISO certified, helping to achieve more efficient production, reduce repair & maintenance costs, and improve product quality.

In the short and long term, it can be used for various applications in textile manufacturing:

• Spinning: oil-free compressed air pushed into tiny nozzles

• Weaving: clean compressed air is blown into tiny nozzles to transport the fabric

• Printing and dyeing

• Weaving: pushing a stream of clean air into the nozzle

• Winding winder

• Sewage treatment

• electricity supply

ISO-certified clean air for quality textile production

We have developed 100% oil-free compressors for applications that require the highest purity air.

Oil-free means more efficient production, reduced repair & maintenance costs, improved product quality, and reduced waste:

• Air-jet braiding: reduce downtime, reduce replacement costs, reduce scrap rates, do not block and damage the nozzles, do not pollute the fabric, prevent the exhausted air from depositing on the steel reed, attract dust and fibers, and make the steel reed adhere Together and break

• Air-jet spinning: Provides smoother production and less maintenance Clean air prevents nozzle debris and yarn contamination

• Pneumatic conveying: there is no instrument damage and pipeline blockage, increasing safety, avoiding substandard products, fire, and avoiding damage to controllers and instrument components

• Weaving: Reduce production interruption, improve yarn quality, and prevent sludge clogging from causing uneven mixing and damage to the yarn

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