PET industry


Whether it is low pressure, medium pressure or high pressure, high quality compressed air is the key to every blowing process.

The cost of any air or power outage is very expensive. Resuming production is wasteful and time consuming.


By choosing oil-free air, you eliminate all risks of contamination and minimize maintenance costs.

Our high-quality, 24/7 leasing services ensure that your business can run safely with planned and emergency shutdowns, even if power is affected. Our industry's compressor and generator range covers a wide range of blow molding applications:

• PET blowing bottle: high pressure 100% oil-free air for blowing bottles

• Instrument air supply

• clean air

• Pneumatic conveyance

• Sewage treatment

• Power supply: Diesel-driven generators to cope with power outages or power shortages


Fuen (Shanghai) Equipment Leasing Co., Ltd. oil-free compressors are specially developed for applications that require the highest purity air in the blowing industry.

As an industry manufacturer of ISO-certified oil-free compressed air, we ensure zero risk of oil contamination. This means that there is no risk that the product will be damaged or endangered, and there is no risk of loss due to downtime-even at 45 bar output pressure.

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