100% oil-free air for industrial precious metal processing

For all metallurgical and metal manufacturing processes, our compressors and generators guarantee a reliable supply of air and electricity to meet your exact needs.

Oil-free air keeps the purity of precious metals, or just sprays oil, from 0.3 bar to 15 bar ...

Our range of rental compressors covers a variety of metalworking applications and is suitable for planned and emergency downtime situations.

• Combustion air

• Instrument air supply

• Process air

• Sandblasting

• Flue gas desulfurization

• cooling air

• Coated air

• Sewage treatment

• Power supply: mobile diesel generators keep your machine running

ISO certified oil-free air for precious metal applications

With more than 140 years of experience in more than 160 markets, we can design machines to meet your specific needs.

When processing silver, gold and other precious metals, you do not want to affect the quality of your products.

As a company producing ISO-certified oil-free compressed air, we ensure zero risk of oil contamination.

This means that there is no risk that the product will be damaged or endangered, and there will be no risk of loss due to downtime. This means higher product quality.

Clean exhaust and ventilated air also means a healthier working environment. In short: zero oil content ensures that the company maintains a good image.

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