100% oil-free air for cleanliness

Our multi-oil-free air compressors meet the highest standards of glass manufacturing purity.


By providing reliable, cost-effective air and electricity, Fuen (Shanghai) Equipment Leasing Co., Ltd. helps you keep your process running. Our industrial leasing services are ready to help you with planned and emergency shutdowns for all applications:


• Cooling air: 100% oil-free air keeps your production clean

• Glass blowing: pollution-free air ensures optimal cleanliness

• Flat glass manufacturing: reliable supply of air to ensure continuous production

• Sewage treatment

• Power supply: mobile generators to respond to power outages or lack of power


The advantages of Fuen (Shanghai) Equipment Leasing Co., Ltd. air compressor and generator package

• Low fuel consumption diesel driven equipment: Use our diesel driven models to benefit from low fuel consumption and low emissions

• Energy-saving electric equipment: The motor type adopts variable speed drive (VSD) technology to provide the perfect combination of exhaust volume and demand, saving 35% of energy

• Reliability: Best-in-class compressors with proven reliability: Minimize downtime and smoother operation

• Excellent maintenance: all routine maintenance is included in the rental price

• Open all year round and full service: experienced engineers design and configure according to your needs, providing a full range of fuel services

• Ensure clean air: no polluted air, avoiding endangering employees' health

Why choose us

FOOEN(Shanghai)Equipment Leasing Co., Ltd.

Fooen Leasing has very strict standards for the selection of equipment. The selected equipment must be adapted to various industries and working conditions to meet the basic requirements of stability,...

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