Food and beverage industry

When it comes to clean, oil-free compressed air and nitrogen for food and beverage processes, you cannot afford any risk of damage and oil contamination.


For every key link in your production and packaging operations, you can count on our ISO-certified 100% oil-free compressors.

Our round-the-clock, flexible leasing services ensure that your business can operate safely, both in planned and emergency shutdown situations, even if power is affected.

• Instrument air: 100% oil-free air

• clean air

• Pneumatic conveyance

• aeration

• fermentation

• Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP): Provides a continuous stream of compressed nitrogen in the required purity

• Cooling spray

• Packaging Equipment

• Sewage treatment

• Power supply: Diesel-driven generators to cope with power outages or power shortages

Eliminate all risks of pollution

Oil-free screw compressors have been developed for applications requiring high purity air.

For such applications, being completely oil-free means there is no risk of oil contamination.

This means that there is no risk that the product will be damaged or endangered, or that there will be no risk of loss due to downtime. It is important that zero oil content ensures that the hard-earned reputation of the company is not compromised.

The advantages of Fuen (Shanghai) Equipment Leasing Co., Ltd. air compressor package:

• Low fuel consumption diesel driven equipment: Use our diesel driven models to benefit from low fuel consumption and low emissions

• Energy-saving electric equipment: The motor type adopts variable speed drive (VSD) technology to provide the perfect combination of exhaust volume and demand, saving 35% of energy

• Reliability: Best-in-class compressors with proven reliability: Minimize downtime and smoother operation

• Excellent maintenance: all routine maintenance is included in the rental price

• Open all year round and full service: experienced engineers design and configure according to your needs, providing a full range of fuel services

• Ensure clean air: use non-polluting air to minimize environmental impact

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