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Whether it's high-quality painted finishes, smooth-running automated processes, or better health protection, you can count on our industrial rental compressors and generators for better results.

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• Process air for pneumatic tools & and automated machinery: Non-polluting air reduces maintenance, ensures smooth operation and a healthier working environment

• Painted air 100% oil-free compressed air for top quality

• Sewage Treatment View our sewage treatment compressors

• Electricity supply Diesel-driven generators for planned and emergency situations

100% oil-free air paint compressor

Our paint air compressors provide 100% oil-free compressed air for better paint quality and finish. For water-based paint, this compressor can ensure that there is no silicon in the lubricating oil and will not pollute the water-based finish.

Pollution-free compressed air for paint baths improves paint mixing and prevents condensation.

Before applying any type of finish, oil-free air is suitable for surface preparation.

Trouble-free operation

During vehicle assembly, you can use compressed air for your automatic control system. However, automatic control systems are extremely sensitive to air quality. The presence of oil and sludge in the compressed air can hinder the operation of automatic control systems.

With 100% oil-free air, you can avoid replacement and downtime and minimize maintenance and downtime.

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