Mining Industry

Whether you are looking for surface mining equipment or underground mining equipment, Fuen (Shanghai) Equipment Leasing Co., Ltd. can design, install and maintain the most suitable equipment and supplementary accessories for you to complete your project successfully.

Our 24/7 premium rental services ensure 100% of your project time.

Fuen (Shanghai) Equipment Leasing Co., Ltd. provides a total solution: including 8.6 bar medium-pressure mobile compressors, 35 bar high-pressure units, generators, light cars and welding equipment and other supplementary packages and services.


• Instrument air supply

• Pneumatic tools

• Clean air 100% oil-free compressed air for various cleaning projects

• Air for drilling High power wheeled equipment for deep drilling

• Lighting

• Sewage treatment

• Electricity supply Diesel generators for open and underground projects


Reliable, flexible and safe mining equipment

With more than 140 years of experience in more than 160 markets, we can design machines to meet your specific needs.



• Our high-power mobile air compressors are particularly suitable for more economical and faster drilling applications.

• Our oil-free air compressors can reduce your equipment maintenance costs and minimize the risk of contamination, thereby reducing the probability of fire.

• Our electric devices can be used underground without affecting power or efficiency.


Professional drilling applications

We also provide a large number of leased units developed for the various needs of the drilling industry. These include high-pressure fuel injection compressors optimized for the most demanding drilling applications.


7 reasons why Fortune (Shanghai) Equipment Leasing Co., Ltd. is able to complete the work

• Significant position in the 100% oil-free air industry, ISO certified

• Over 140 years of experience in over 160 markets

• International service network, open 24/7

• Advanced quality equipment, parts and accessories

• Save money and time through leases from temporary needs to planned needs and crisis situations

• Total solution: equipment designed to meet your needs

• Reliable and lasting results thanks to excellent equipment and services

Why choose us

FOOEN(Shanghai)Equipment Leasing Co., Ltd.

Fooen Leasing has very strict standards for the selection of equipment. The selected equipment must be adapted to various industries and working conditions to meet the basic requirements of stability,...

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