QAC 1250

 The thoughest containerized diesel generator




• 1MW containerized power, fully loaded

• 20ft generator up to 1250kVA



Build to perform in extreme and difficult conditions



Suited for use in extreme temperatures and high altitude environments

Fully loaded with protection systems and accessories, the QAC generators optimal performance in extreme and difficult conditions. Due to their intelligent cooling system, we can ensure 100% power at 40°C at an altitude of 1000m (a.s.l.).


The fuel saver container

The electric VSD (Variable speed drive) motor-driven cooling fan adjusts the cooling flow to the specific requirements of the engine.


Tough and reliable

It is the flexible solution for your  prime and critical standby power needs in the rental, mining and oil & gas industries.



Other features: 

• Reliable, robust and versatile 

• Quickly ready to run once on-site

• Sound attenuated and rugged galvanized steel enclosure

• Spillage free frame

• External fuel tank connection

• Dual stage heavy duty air filter and safety cartridge

• Dual stage fuel filter with water separation



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