Electric drive oil-free air compressor ZH 10000

100% oil-free air centrifugal compressor-high capacity




Technical Parameters

• Pressure range: 90 to 140 psi-6 to 10 bar

• Maximum flow: 10000 cfm-283.2 m3 / min




Excellent reliability

Save energy and costs

Has the advantage of a small footprint



Ideal for large compressor rooms and processes with fluctuating or stable air requirements




Plug-and-play equipment: 

The integrated design of the ZH series includes internal piping, coolers, electric motors, lubricating devices, intake guide vanes, and control systems: all of which are integrated into the complete machine ready for use. It has the characteristics of trouble-free installation, short commissioning time, and does not require external instrument air supply. You just need to plug it in and get started.


Built for energy savings and reliability: 

EN will protect your production: reliable operation even under extreme temperature and humidity conditions.


Certified 100% oil-free air: 

EN compressors provide 100% pure and ISO 8573-1 CLASS 0 (2010) certified air. CLASS 0 means no risk of contamination, no risk of product damage or safety jeopardy, no risk of loss due to operational interruptions, and no risk of damaging the company's hard-earned reputation.




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