Electric drive oil-free air compressor ZT> 90kW

 100% oil-free air screw compressor-medium pressure




Pressure range

4~10 bar(e)

Flow FAD

3~58 m³/min

Compression level

Level 2 compression

Rated power

22~400 kw

Power supply

380V/ 3P/ 50Hz

Noise level

<78 dB(A)

Inlet and outlet valve size

DN50/2" DN80/3" (PN16)


1600~10000 kg


3500*2000*2500/ 5200*2312*2410/ 6000*2350*2600 mm


Constant airflow

Achieve the lowest energy costs!



Easy to install

The integrated design of the Z-series compressors includes internal piping, coolers, electric motors, lubrication and control systems: the whole machine is ready for use. It has the characteristics of easy installation, short commissioning time and no need for external instrument air supply.


Advanced control and monitoring

For maximum efficiency and reliability, Elektronikon® can control the main drive motor and control the system pressure to a smaller preset pressure range.


Certified 100% oil-free air

ZT compressors provide 100% pure and ISO 8573-1 CLASS 0 (2010) certified air. CLASS 0 means no risk of contamination, no risk of product damage or safety jeopardy, no risk of loss due to operational interruptions, and no risk of damaging the company's hard-earned reputation.



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