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Application of air compressor in steel industry

The types of air compressor stations in iron and steel enterprises generally include centrifugal air compressor stations, screw air compressor stations and hybrid air compressor stations. Some steel companies are phasing out and updating piston air compressors.


Centrifugal air compressor stations are generally equipped with 2-9 centrifuges, usually with a displacement of 100 m3 / min to 300 m3 / min. According to production needs, generally set to various exhaust pressures such as 1.3Mpa, of which 0.38MPa, 0.5Mpa It is an air compressor for steelmaking and continuous casting, 08MPa iS A power / instrument air compressor, and 1.3Mpa is a coal injection blast furnace. Air compressor.


Screw compressor air compressor stations are generally equipped with 2-8 screw machines, most of which have a displacement of less than 10 m3 / min-40 m3 / min. Screw compressors are mainly used as auxiliary air sources for centrifugal air compressors.


According to whether the air compressor station is connected to the network, it can be divided into distributed layout and centralized network layout. With the improvement of the stability of air compressor equipment operation and the level of control and management, in new steel enterprises, the old decentralized steel enterprises generally use centralized networking. Many enterprises plan to establish a network or between air compressor stations. power distribution. Regional network.


Application of compressors in the iron and steel industry: Generally speaking, the compressed air generated by the air compressors in the compressed air system of iron and steel enterprises is processed by a cold-dryer to reduce the pressure dew point to 3-5C to provide power for users ) Compressed air; or compressed air after treatment by adsorption dryer. e Reduce the water content to a pressure dew point below -20 ° C to remove dust particles with a dust content of less than 5 m and a dust content of less than 5 mg / m. The oil content is less than 1 mg / m3, which is used as the compressed air of the meter for users. In addition, the compressed air used for steam mist cooling during steelmaking and continuous casting does not need to provide air compressor exhaust directly to the continuous casting.