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Introduction of compressors for the fertilizer industry

The gas compressors used in fertilizer production mainly include process air compressors, synthesis gas compressors, carbon dioxide compressors, nitrogen compressors, and ammonia compressors. The air compressors in the air separation units and air compressor stations of the auxiliary production units mainly include air compressors, oxygen compressors, nitrogen compressors, and argon compressors. Due to the continuous development of large-scale ammonia plants, the user's requirements for technical indicators such as the energy consumption, reliability, and supporting level of compressor units are also increasing.


With the advancement of science and technology in the world, the development of the petrochemical industry has become more rapid. The application of high technology in the petrochemical industry has continued to deepen. Now, new process technologies have brought new changes to the petrochemical industry. Own core technology and know-how. In particular, the development of the petrochemical industry has increased the demand for compressors, and at the same time, higher requirements have been placed on compressor technology. The large-scale production scale of the petrochemical industry requires compressors to develop in the direction of large-scale, complete sets, high efficiency, mechanical and electrical integration, energy saving and environmental protection, high reliability, low noise, and long life. More petrochemical production process parameters are adopted by special design, Personalized design and manufacturing to enable the equipment to operate under optimal design conditions.


With the continuous advancement of energy conservation in the petrochemical industry, the domestic market for high-efficiency and reliable large-scale ethylene compressors, long-distance pipeline compressors, PTA (refined terephthalic acid) compressors and large-scale air separation compressors is in great demand in the future. In addition, compressors for large-scale oil refining, fertilizer, methanol, coal chemical and other projects also have good development prospects.