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Talking about the installation technology of large reciprocating piston compressor in petrochemical plant

1. Analysis of compressor crankcase installation technology


In the case of ensuring that the compressor crankcase device is located on the installation foundation, the site operator should first select a temporary horn device on the bottom of the crankcase device to play a key role in supporting the crankcase device. At the same time, the machining surface of the upper surface part of the crankcase device is used as the basic reference for the leveling process during the installation of the crankcase device. The relevant parameters in the leveling stage should also be determined based on the machining surface. In this process, special attention should be paid to such a problem: Before the measurement of the parameters related to the horizontal position of the crankcase installation level, the measurement surface of the spirit level device should be thoroughly cleaned before the implementation of the measurement. Special cleaning reagents should be selected during the cleaning process. Cleaning by scrubbing or sanding to prevent errors or missing issues in the measurement data of the spirit level device.


2. Analysis of compressor crosshead and connecting rod installation technology


For large reciprocating piston compressor units, the connection between the crosshead and the piston rod should be handled during the grouting operation of the crankcase of the compressor unit. In particular, a reasonable matching process is performed for the position of the contact surface of the lock nut component and the position of the end face of the cross head component connector to ensure the uniformity of the contact processing of the above two components. Under the support of the current technical conditions, the crosshead slideway components of the compressor device are mostly considered to be set to an oval shape. This special property setting allows the crosshead slideway components to be automatically adjusted based on the slideway processing. Heart processing. From this point of view, the thin-walled large head tile component locking bolt device should be pre-tightened before connection and installation. During the pre-tightening process, it should ensure that its pre-tightening is uniform and balanced, and the torque force is controlled at 10 0 ab r parameter. Within range.


3. Accuracy calibration of compressor crankcase and analysis of secondary grouting installation technology


First of all, from the perspective of the accuracy of the compressor shaft box device, the accuracy should be achieved by means of a high-precision spirit level device. The horizontal accuracy of the horizontal installation of the crankcase device should be measured and processed at the bearing hole position, and the horizontal deviation parameter should be controlled within the parameter range of 0.1 mm per meter. At the same time, the horizontal accuracy of the longitudinal installation of the crankcase device should be measured in two sections before and after the position of the crosshead component slideway, and the corresponding horizontal deviation parameter should be controlled within the parameter range of 0.1m per meter. Secondly, from the perspective of the implementation of the secondary grouting construction technology of the compressor crankcase device, the operation time of the secondary grouting should be ensured within 24 hours of the accuracy of the compressor crankcase.