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Solutions for the future of electricity

Imagine the absence of noise, harmful smoke, particulate matter and carbon emissions from urban construction sites, all of which can lead to climate change. And envision energy-saving equipment that can ensure greater power ratios, rather than wasting excess heat.


Fuen (Shanghai) Equipment Leasing Co., Ltd.'s power technology is at the forefront of innovation in realizing this vision. The world is facing huge challenges in efforts to phase out fossil fuels and slow global warming. An important part of this puzzle is finding energy-saving solutions, reducing carbon dioxide emissions, and providing alternatives to fossil fuels as energy sources.


Diesel regulations are tightening, the construction industry and other industries using our solutions are looking for alternative technologies, and the market is pulling. At the same time, the mandatory cleaning of components makes the manufacturing cost of diesel-powered equipment higher. This creates additional impetus for us to create and develop alternatives.


As an advanced technology company, Furn (Shanghai) Equipment Leasing Co., Ltd. has the ability to develop these new solutions in-house. A typical example is the E-Air compressor, where mature technologies from other products have been combined and more powerful to develop electric compressors that can meet the needs of construction sites.