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How to choose the type of air compressor?

In the air compressor leasing business, the lessee often encounters such questions: how to rent the right air compressor?


1. Power supply capacity: Can the power supply capacity meet the power used by the air compressor drive motor? If the power supply capacity is found to be insufficient after the air compressor is installed on site, it will delay the construction period and reduce the efficiency;


2. Compressed air oil content problem: ordinary screw air compressors are cooled and lubricated by lubricating oil, so the compressed air generated must contain a small amount of oil. It is these small amounts of oil that will cause secondary pollution to equipment, pipelines and valves, affecting the quality of the final product;


3. Flow problem: The air compressor is a high-energy-consumption device. The choice of flow is not as large as possible, but it is appropriate. If the flow is too large, energy is wasted, and the long-term loading and unloading of the air compressor is likely to cause failure; if the flow is small, the air compressor is in a loading state for a long time, which will not only cause the pressure to go up, but also cause the air compressor to fail;


4. Pressure problem: After determining the actual use pressure, it is necessary to consider the pressure drop factors caused by the installation position of the air compressor and the delivery distance of the actual air end. In addition, the diameter of the pipe and the number of turning points will also affect the pressure drop. Amplitude


5. Compressed air contains water: The air contains water, and the compressed air contains a lot of water. Water will corrode equipment, pipelines and valves, causing a lot of maintenance costs in the later stage;


6. Particulate matter problem: Precision electronics, chips, and panel industries have extremely high requirements for particulate matter in compressed air, which will affect the fundamental quality of the product.