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Things to know about air compressor leasing

First, several important parameters


1. Pressure: the minimum pressure of compressed air required. Common units are Kg / cm2, Bar, Mpa, Psi.


2. Flow rate: the maximum gas consumption with proper margins taken into consideration. Commonly used units are m3 / min and L / min.


Compressed air quality requirements


1. Moisture content: the dryness of compressed air. The commonly used term is dew point ℃.


2. Oil content: the amount of residual oil in compressed air. Commonly used terms are ppm and mg / m3.


Third, the cost of compressed air system operation


1. Air compressor efficiency: It can be understood as the amount of compressed air generated by each degree of electrical energy. Do not pay attention to surface data, but look at the results of actual operation measurements.


2, the total cost of maintenance parts: Do not calculate the price of a single maintenance part, what is important is how much maintenance costs are required each year or even 3 years.


Reasons for the price difference of air compressors


1. Component configuration: The selection of domestic alternatives for key components can cause a large price gap.


2. Advanced technology: Non-autonomous design and products with low R & D costs will be eliminated quickly.


3. Whether the production is legal: All kinds of illegal production and OEM products that have not been tested and approved by the national authority will eventually cause irreparable losses to customers.