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The prospect of air compressor leasing

Now the construction machinery leasing industry in the Chinese market has matured. However, it seems that only Beijing and Shanghai have formed a climate for leasing mobile air compressors belonging to construction machinery, and many of the demands in the field are transferred from Shanghai and Beijing. And spent money again. Looking at the air compressor leasing market, especially the high-pressure machine, the market prospect is huge from a broad perspective. The current air compressor leasing industry is still in its infancy, and many air compressor leasers are using this stage to expand their strength.


In the foreign construction machinery market, 80% of construction machinery is sold to rental dealers, and 20% is in the hands of direct users. But China Mobile's air compressor leasing market is just the opposite of foreign countries. The development of China's excavator rental market is already very mature, and 70% of it is sold to the rental market. China's mobile air compressor market will definitely form like the excavator rental market in the future.


In China, the main business of air compressor leasing is to lease mobile screw air compressors, and mainly to lease imported air compressors. The quality of domestic mobile air compressors has not been the first choice for leasers. Gas volume is mostly 5 cubic, 12 cubic, 13 cubic, 18 cubic, 21 cubic, 24 cubic, 28 cubic 30 cubic, 36 cubic, etc .; pressure is 7 kg, 9 kg 10.5 kg, 13 kg, 14 kg, 18 kg , 21 kg, 24 kg, etc., are mostly supporting engineering equipment, such as drilling rigs, spraying, wind picks, etc. There are also ways to increase the pressure with a booster or increase the amount of air in parallel, most of which are used in deep water wells.


At present, the Chinese leasing market is gradually opening up. Many large foreign leasing companies have registered branches in China, mainly Japan, the United States, and France, but because the tariffs and policies have not been fully opened, they are still just watching. Everyone has not seen their huge bodies. Now major air compressor suppliers are occupying the leasing piece of fat. They are preconceived. First of all, they cultivate their own product leasers in various places. They sell most of their products to air compressor leasers and let the lease take the lead. The lease sale will become construction machinery The industry's sales-led approach.