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Group Standard for Compressed Air Station Energy Efficiency Classification Guide officially released

Recently, Document No. [2018] 47 of China General Machinery Industry Association issued a group standard announcement on the "Guidelines for Energy Efficiency Classification of Compressed Air Stations". China General Machinery Industry Association approved the “Communication Efficiency Guidelines for Compressed Air Stations” (CGMA 033001-2018) group standard, which was released on October 1, 2018, and will be formally implemented from January 1, 2019.


The standard aims to unify and standardize energy efficiency testing, calculations, and assessment of energy efficiency levels for compressed air stations. The standard specifies the equipment and system requirements, operation requirements, energy efficiency indicators and grades, energy efficiency calculations, energy efficiency measurement methods and comprehensive evaluation of industrial compressed air stations. The measurement and calculation methods of the energy efficiency of compressed air stations meet the requirements of GB / T16665. Also in line with international standards.


Compressed air stations are the main body of compressed air production, mainly converting electrical energy into compressed air power. The standard takes comprehensive power transmission efficiency as the compressed air station energy efficiency assessment method. For the first time, the energy efficiency level of compressed air stations is divided into 5 levels. Level 1 is the best energy efficiency level, and so on. The energy efficiency levels of adjacent air compressor stations differ by 10%. The standard fully considers the realistic factors such as the large difference in the air supply volume of the compressed air station and the great difference between the dew point heights. The chart shows the energy efficiency benchmark value of the air compressor station with 5 charts, which is convenient for comparison and evaluation. This energy efficiency assessment method also weights the heat recovery and utilization of the air compressor into the power transmission efficiency to obtain the comprehensive power transmission efficiency.


Fuen (Shanghai) Equipment Leasing Co., Ltd. actively responds to the new strategy of improving the industrial structure and improving the quality and efficiency of the industry under the background of globalization. The idea of ​​establishing energy efficiency classification standards for compressed air stations was established.